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A Lawyer Thanks the Artists

By November 27, 2013No Comments

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Some believe that randomness is responsible for most of what happens in our lives.

I disagree.

I prefer to think that what happens is because of the artistry of people and decisions that come together as we take our journeys.

So this is a thank you to the artists that helped shape this lawyer’s journey.

  • Thank you family for providing me with the genes and the prayers to fly me thus far. No words can describe the gratitude felt for your love. Stephanie. Wiley. Doreen. Ned. Lily.
  • Thank you friends, mentors, and sponsors, for spending your precious time, knowledge –  everything from web design to librettos to Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, and energy with me and helping me stand up after a fall.
  • Thank you teachers, professors, senior counsel, and judges, whose assignments, lectures, insights,  bench slaps and bench warmers, instilled the needed sense, returned me to the pesky perfectionist, and elevated my paranoia to ensure that I do what is right and necessary to escape the clutches of the ARDC. May you never see me on that infamous Illinois State Bar Journal listing, or any other infamous listing for that matter!
  • Thank you CLIENTS for allowing me to serve you and your families. I can think of no greater honor outside of being an actual family member. Sorry about all the birthday cards; I get a little carried away.
  • Thank you colleagues and professional associates who trust me with your referrals. May I continue to earn your trust in spades.
  • Thank you State of Illinois for ending discrimination against loving, committed relationships. Took you long enough!
  • Thank you Zuckerberg because when I am deep in the trenches at work, I can take a few fun moments to catch up with photos and posts from family and friends around the world and visit with new babies, grandparents, my s/heroes, and marathoners for their  causes, all of which make returning to the trenches, that more meaningful.
  • Thank you community organizations, specifically Affinity Community Services, Chicago Women’s Health Center, St. Vincent de Paul Center, and IntraSpectrum Counseling for taking me into your families to share the gifts bestowed upon us lawyers, especially that of information about how the law works.
  • Thank you Board, Stephen Hoffman, Allison Branen, Abiola Kalejaiye, Edward B. Llewellyn-Thomas, and Valerie Drame for sharing your diverse and expert insights to help me stay focused. I will try to reduce the wonky Saturday morning texts and 1500 word emails.
  • Thank you interns and clerks who have rocked out your assignments in some of the frenziest periods of the office to help guide us into calm sailing.

Sweet Potatoes in an Old Corningware DishFinally, since surely I will never be called upon the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, thank you, whoever you are, for creating the candied sweet potatoes recipe.

Happy Thanksgivukkah to all!

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