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5 Years and 5+ Lessons!

By May 31, 2016No Comments

Protecting Today's FamilyIt’s true; “time flies when you’re having fun!”

So The Law Offices of Max Elliott is looking forward to 5 more years of “fun” or, more precisely, taking great satisfaction from servicing our clients as diligently as possible, protecting them, their interests, and future generations.

To prepare this “Anniversary” piece, I reviewed our inaugural article to determine if 5 years’ experience would cause me to change any of the positions I held at the beginning of this sojourn. One:

A young married couple with a home, moderate income, and no dependents AND no wonky family dynamics could likely have a will prepared online. However, I would still recommend that an experienced attorney in their jurisdiction review it. With that exception – and the fact that I need a new photo, I agree with me on everything else.

Okay, now what? What are additional takeaways from 5 years as an attorney providing wills, trusts, advanced directives, guardianship assistance, adoptions, negotiations between beneficiaries and fiduciaries, winding up estates, and wealth preservation guidance?

  1. Families need to talk more and talk sooner, reaching across the generations to gather history, empathy, and love. Today’s world is too unpredictable and many of the squabbles are based on a lack of understanding because we haven’t taken the time to actively listen to our loved ones. AND tolerance goes a long way.
  2. Most lawyers need to listen way more, talk way less, and be willing to educate and collaborate with our clients.
  3. Just because we’re in the 21st century doesn’t mean that 20th century values involving civility, integrity, and reasonableness should be not applicable in all of our professional relationships. Technology cannot send you a referral and cannot sooth the emotions of a disillusioned client.
  4. If I cannot bring my integrity into your sandbox, I can be happy playing in another sandbox, regardless of the plastic toys offered.
  5. Life is precious. Breathe, laugh, and yes, smell some flowers.

The Plus: It is awesome being in on amazing, wonderful, legal change. When our office launched during Pride month in 2011, we were in the battle for marriage equality and 5 years later – it is the law of the land! “NO MO DOMA!” is a reality and, while the fight for rights in the LGBTQ community along other very important lines still goes on, the LGBTQ community and its allies, such as our firm, can rest a tad easier now on the marriage equality front. What an awesome 5th Anniversary Gift Happy Pride Month!

I don’t want to name names but let it be sufficient to say that our firm has had amazing supporters from all walks of life during these last few years. It is our hope that we continue to learn and grow and provide the services that make our supporters proud and clients happy. Thank you all and here’s to the next 5!

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