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The Family Benefit Protection Plan™

When a loved one passes away, even with the most solid estate plan in place, much remains to be done post-death. Often, these initial responsibilities fall on the shoulders of family members and it feels like a big wave crashing in. However, other fiduciaries should step in to perform the technical duties of estate administration, relieving surviving family members of some or all of the administrative responsibilities such as paying debts, collecting life insurance proceeds, making beneficiary distributions, and filing tax returns.
To understand the immediate responsibilities, please read our Essential Steps guide.

Our Family Benefit Protection Plan is available for clients who need help obtaining their lawful benefits and interests as intended by their dearly departed. Accordingly, our attorneys step in to ensure the interests of our clients and the dearly departed are fairly and equitably addressed. This plan includes the following:

  1. Learning about family dynamics and objectives of the previous plan.
  2. Analyzing the tangible and intangible interests, the intended beneficiaries, and potential beneficiaries.
  3. Assessing ways to transfer and retain interests as intended and formulating an estate administration solution that is most fair and least adversarial.
  4. Providing recommendations based on an effect-benefit analysis that is most harmonious for you and your family in the long-term.
  5. Working with counsel, related professionals, e.g., accountants and CPAs, and our courts to ensure that interests are transferred in legal and sound manner.
  6. Reviewing interests obtained to ensure they reflect at least part of your goals and objectives regarding your family.

Whatever your needs, phone or email us if you have any questions for our estate planning attorneys.