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Family Wealth Planning

What exactly is the Family Wealth Preservation Plan?

Our philosophy involves providing you with a holistic and comprehensive plans that will grow and develop with you during the height of your career into retirement and into your loved ones’ adult years, as well.

We realize that it generally takes time to create wealth, so we take the time needed to determine the best and most fluid plan for you to maximize your enjoyment of the fruit of your labor. Our Family Wealth Preservation Plan, which is generally for smallbiz owners or professionals, includes:

  1. Learning about your personal goals and objectives regarding your wealth, business, or retirement interests.
  2. Conferring with all relevant members of your family and trusted advisors.
  3. Evaluating current wealth building systems that you may have in place.
  4. Considering global and innovative alternatives and systems and effect-benefit analyses.
  5. Determining all components needed to establish your commitment to you and your family’s life spaces.
  6. Providing short- and long-term recommendations based on evaluations, conferences, and objectives.
  7. Creating family wealth and legacy life space systems that will reflect and perpetuate your values and commitment.
  8. Meeting at least semi-annually to review and discuss your commitments, revising systems when needed.

CAUTION. To be clear, the aim of wealth preservation is not to avoid known creditors or to avoid paying taxes.

If you’re trying to avoid paying a creditor and establish a trust to do so, that trust can and will be quickly unwound and one can find oneself the subject of a “fraudulent transfer” or “void transfer” case.

Then, you’ll pay not just the creditor but penalties in the form of court fees, attorneys fees for all sides, and more.

If you’re trying to avoid paying taxes, the U.S. has growing list of treaties with most countries and IRS rules that require the disclosure of foreign assets.

We will not assist individuals or families who are trying to avoid paying just and legal debts or taxes. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Panama Papers.

BUT, we will assist individuals or families who recognize that frivolous lawsuits are filed daily by individuals hoping to relieve hard-working business owners, professionals, or notable families because of the “deep pockets” perception.

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