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Smallbiz Money

Saving Your Money

With diverse experiences and skills, we provide legal services for smallbiz clients with the following in mind:

  • Economic efficiency
  • Cohesive planning
  • Strategic execution
  • Crisis prevention, management, and recovery

Many smallbiz owners establish their businesses online because it’s easy and cheap. However, online platforms don’t provide the critical services to help ensure your business’s viability, such as:

  • Reviewing all the steps to ensure your business is registered and compliant with all necessary government agencies;
  • Providing recommendations of well-respected professionals and networking avenues within your field or industry at no additional fee; and
  • Reviewing your business plan components to ensure the legal obligations required and affected by each component are satisfied and positive.

In fact, because we are a successful small business, like we know legal protections are critical at the onset, we also appreciate budget constraints. So, we will work with your budget and to ensure your business has continual legal protections and a predictable cash flow line item, we provide a fixed monthly fee schedule. Call or email us for more information.