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Determining and understanding what legal plans you need to protect your interests can seem daunting.

We don’t believe that planning for you and your family’s needs should be shrouded in legal jargon and underscored by unreasonable fees. So, here you will find brief synopses, FAQs, and useful links to help you make a clear and informed decision.

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Wills. Probate, which is a large process in the area of estate administration, can take longer than a year and, in Illinois, probate generally costs $700 or more in court fees. But, a will might fit your situation perfectly. Read more …

Trusts. Loved ones can receive their gifts much faster via trusts. Though more expensive than wills, the expense is offset by avoiding costly and time-consuming probate. Still care should be taken when designating trustees. Learn why …

Health Matters. Your medical needs and the health of your loved ones now and later will play an important role in determining how to protect your beneficiaries. Follow here …

Additional Resources

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