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Planning, Protecting & Preserving Wealth

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While it’s true that many small businesses do not succeed, we strongly believe that a life isn’t lived until the “what if” has at least been tested. So, we work with our smallbiz clients to help them carefully and steadfastly navigate small business ownership so that they don’t end up a tragic figure in a literary novella. We treat your business like it’s our own, seeking to protect it, the owners, understand the nuances, and be available when an issue arises.

Conversely, we generally don’t provide “unbundled services.,” i.e., we don’t do “quick LLCs.”

Start-ups confront multiple paths, intersections, and potential opportunities simultaneously, it’s hard to know which one to embrace and which one to pass on. With offices in Chicago and Manhattan, we have a composite of skills, experience, and associated professionals to provide clients with guidance specific to their unique businesses and circumstances.

Our Smallbiz Legal Subscription Service may be the perfect solution for your small business. Email or phone us to learn more.

Even the most stable small businesses are now required to protect not just their information but the information of all stakeholders.

Our Smallbiz Cybersecurity Program helps secure your business so that it complies with our interconnected commercial world but is tailored to your needs.

Second or third careers or retirement often “just happen” and then only after overcoming unnecessary and costly stumbling blocks.

We help anticipate stumbling blocks before they emerge and resolve those that may be in your path.

Our Family Wealth Preservation Plan™ provides a solid, integrated system needed to build, preserve, enjoy, and transfer not only your wealth but the values behind creating and sustaining that wealth.

Our plan helps to ensure that all of your vital life spaces are developed and enjoyed to the fullest.