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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the 8 Articles

By February 13, 2013No Comments

On Valentine’s Day it may seem off-kilter to some to read an article on death, but not here in the Shark Free Zone. The interesting truth about estate planning is that it can be a genuine measurement of how much someone loves you. If we consider the 8 basic articles that are found – or should be found – in wills, the evidence is undeniable. So, from a potential beneficiary’s perspective, hoping he or she is loved, let’s look:

Article 1: Family. Love = your name is in this article.

Article 2. Definitions. Love = your name is listed in the “partner” definition since you and the testator (person writing the will) are cohabiting, i.e., unmarried and un Civil Unionized, because Illinois doesn’t recognize in-state Domestic Partnerships or common law marriage.

Article 3: Guardianship. Love = if you’re 14 years old (why are you reading this?), your parent or parents have named at least 2 other individuals to take care of you, just in case…

Article 4: Debts, Taxes, Expenses. Love = The estate has sufficient funds to cover memorial services, credit card debt, taxes, and any other bona fide expenses that belonged to the dearly departed and not you.

The Beatles

Photo: Wikipedia Commons Free Image

Article 5: Personal Property. Love = you get the Beatles White album, first edition.

Article 6: Residuary Estate. Love = you get a whole lot more than the Beatles White album, first edition.

Article 7: Personal Representative. Love = your name isn’t listed, so all you have to do is accept the Beatles White album, first edition and any other bequests; and you don’t have to worry about a greedy beneficiary trying to sue you for breach of fiduciary duty, such as not handing over the Beatles White album, first edition.

Article 8: Disaster Awaits. Love = hoping this article isn’t triggered.

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