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Our Readers’ Top 5 Articles from 2013

By January 23, 2014No Comments

Like most, The Shark Free Zone took a little time off to reflect over last year’s work and our readers’ preferences. So before the “reflection” month of January is over, below are the top 5 articles from 2013. Enjoy!

Chid w magnifying glassNUMBER ONE. The popularity of our top article for 2013 may have had a little to do with its melodramatic title, “Infants, Stairwells, & Burning a Million Dollars.” The premise was less dramatic than the title, but still important: If professionals or smallbiz owners fail to protect their assets by not planning, they might as well set their income and belongings on fire. Of course, we’re not advocating arson, but if someone slips and falls on your property or a toddler visiting with Mom finds his or her way into a non-child-proof cabinet, oh woe… Click here to read the star of The Shark Free Zone for 2013 and feel free to pay it forward.

TWO. “What the Civil Union Means…to Many,” was a spillover all the way back from 2011, providing useful information on LGBTQ couples considering or entering into Illinois Civil Unions. It’s continued popularity was likely because it resonated with many concerned about the economic benefits that can be reaped when discrimination ends. It’s a somewhat moot now that Illinois has passed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, providing marriage equality to Illinois LGBTQ couples. However, the article has many relevant points, so you can read it here. Our article on marriage equality in Illinois is forthcoming, so stay tuned!

THREE. Smack dab in the middle is our series, whose information, is rising to the top of the news charts as more statistics and reports are being shared daily about the large aging Baby Boomer population. We first mentioned the Baby Boomer issue, or “Silver Tsunami,” a few years ago. It is now abundantly clear to all advisors that almost everyone is or will be affected by the Boomer generation, especially families that are unprepared. Don’t get caught by the Boomer wave. Prepare for the Silver Tsunami by checking out this middle entree.

American Flag, Statue of Liberty, Gay Pride FlagFOUR. Fourth in last year’s popular articles again involved marriage equality, particularly DOMA’s undoing. Our series, “The IRS Takes a Bite Out of DOMA” highlighted the complex estate and financial planning machinations LGBTQ couples had to take before the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in U.S. v. Windsor and the subsequent IRS ruling 2013-17 that removed a lot of that complexity for legally married LGBTQ couples, and especially those in “friendly” states. Tap here to read the beginning of this important 4-part series.

FIVE. Rounding out our top 5 is “The Money Talk.” Recently, a relative became engaged, which will likely happen with many couples next month on Valentine’s Day. As couples take this loving step, it’s critical to know and understand each other’s mindset as it relates to saving, spending, investing, charitable giving, and a host of other related issues. So before you say “yes” or consider putting a ring on it, consider having this conversation.

So there you have it: The top interests of 2013 were about love, money, and justice. What else is there to be interested in, except a pair of good looking shoes, right?

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