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A 90-Second Story on How Estate Planning Saves Lives*

By March 10, 2014No Comments

Monday morning I typically share basic information about estate planning, hoping that someone will understand that it just isn’t about planning for death. Yet, one also hopes that the plans you create don’t go into effect until decades later but experience illustrates that is not the case. Then, this past weekend, into my inbox came an email from a former client, proving this very point: Estate planning is critical even if you have a very modest estate and even if you are young, e.g., late 20s.

This is a scary story with a happy ending from a former client who gave consent to share. I share because my job is to protect and life is unpredictable. All personal identifying information has been removed and this sharing is consistent with what is allowed per the State of Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct and the American Bar Association Model Rules of Conduct.

Hi Max,

I hope all has been well with you…

I recently had a medical emergency. Only because I have a living will and my medical providers have a copy of the document you prepare/instruct your clients to send to specific providers was I able to have my medical wishes honored. If I hadn’t had you prepare my will, if my medical providers hadn’t had a copy of the documents… I would likely be in an even worse medical situation. It was a horrifying experience…

Thank you so much for preparing my will and for preparing the documents my medical providers needed in order to advocate for me. I only had you prepare my will in case I ended up dead or in a coma — I had no idea that the will could be life-saving while I was conscious and able to express my wishes. I am not exaggerating when I say that you helped save my life.

This is a true story and why I love my job.

*Having the appropriate documents in place doesn’t always work, regardless of who prepares them. Yet, having some kind of plan is generally better than not having a plan at all.

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