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5 VIP To-Dos Before Packing the Suitcase…

By July 1, 2017September 28th, 2020No Comments


According to AAA, approximately 44.2 million people were to travel the weekend before the 2017 Independence Day holiday.

Still, Americans are becoming more and more transient: Not just holidays, but graduations, vacations, and family reunions beckon lots of us away from the place we call “home.”

With clients who are “snow birds,” non-U.S. citizen spouses, or dual citizenship partners, our firm has a unique perspective to share with you when it comes to protecting your loved ones as you “move freely about the cabin”:

  1. Advanced Directives, aka “Powers of Attorney.” Have them. Let your agents and successor agents know you’re travelling and how to contact you, even if you climbing Machu Picchu.
  2. Financial and Health Professionals. Copy them. Make sure your banks, brokerage houses, and doctors have copies of your Advanced Directives on file.
  3. Children’s Successor Guardians. Name them. Let them know you’re traveling with or without the kids and also how to contact you. If you have kids and are climbing Picchu, carrier pigeons may be an option.
  4. Destination Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Emergency Clinics. Know their locations in reference to your accommodations and their rules on treating patients or filling prescriptions for patients outside of their jurisdiction.
  5. “Check in” upon your return. Let your “team” know they can relax and maybe take a vacation, too.

Nobody wants to become seriously ill while on vacation. However, with the right plan in pace and information in the appropriate hands, if you do become ill while travelling, you can focus on becoming better, knowing your trusted fiduciaries have your best interests under control just as you would.

Happy, Safe, & Fun Travels!

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