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MARRIAGE EQUALITY March Heads to U.S. Supreme Court Again!

By September 21, 2020No Comments

The hearing is scheduled for April 28, 2015 and this time, the justices may just determine to end the continued discrimination against same-gender couples in the 14 states that refuse to allow loving, committed couples of the same gender to marry.

If you’re familiar with our marriage equality work, you know we’ve been watching and participating in the march from the firm’s inception. So, we are pleased that some sources report that Chief Justice Roberts may side with the plaintiffs in this case. Why? Because of Loving v. Virginia, which we and other colleagues have long argued is the fundamental legal basis for providing national marriage equality. And Roberts may be considering his Court’s legacy. See Mildred and Richard on the left.

The Court is scheduled to hear the case in April of this year deciding in June. Read more here…

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