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National Small Business Week: Smallbiz by the Numbers

By September 21, 2020September 22nd, 2021No Comments

Join us in celebrating National Small Business week! Most of U.S. businesses – 99%! – are classified as small, which means you know a smallbiz owner if you’re not one yourself. And, more importantly, this means that smallbiz is critical to our economy.

The Small Business Administration has numerous factors categorized per industry that determine whether a business is small. And though it may not seem like a small amount to sum, the maximum amount of annual revenues for small businesses generally start at $7.5 million. Knowing where your business stands is important because the government provides a number of resources to keep this particular economic engine going.

In addition to important resources for start-ups, through Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs), the SBA helps eligible smallbiz owners obtain loans from $250,000 to $10 million and has programs directly tailored for women-owned small businesses.

As a woman-owned small business, The Law Offices of Max Elliott has an empathetic perspective and is honored to serve clients in the manufacturing, luxury goods, herbal product, and non-profit sectors. Furthermore, recognizing the special constraints many entrepreneurs confront, we happily tailor our services with unique fee structures to help start-ups secure their dreams.

So, if you or someone you know wants to start or already owns a smallbiz, stay tuned for useful information we’re sharing across our social medial channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – this week about small business. Then, share!

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