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Paying the Price Twice for Long-Term “Care”

By September 21, 2020No Comments

Most of us enjoy the benefit of the work, knowledge, and care provided by the generations who came before us. Yet, as the Silver Tsunami strikes, many in those generations are stricken with the inability to care for themselves and, often, enormous resources required to properly do so. For example, the average monthly nursing home bill in Illinois is $6,000. Even more heinous are the inequities in care with respect to seniors in various minority communities.

To address these problems before they become insurmountable, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill to create a Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Disparities Task Force. Recent data shows a lower standard of care in long-term care services provided to minorities in Illinois. The task force’s goal is to close the gap on racial disparities and improve long-term care settings for all senior citizens. The main objective of the task force is to document information about the types of long-term care providers and the number and ethnic profiles of residents receiving services from these providers in or outside the home.

Facilities monitored by the LTSS Disparities Task Force include: residential nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and other home and community based long-term care services. The data will be used to analyze trends, identify racial disparities, and offer recommendations to eliminate inequalities and provide improved care. The Bill is now awaiting Governor Quinn’s signature. Read more here.

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