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What Happens When a Scammer Contacts a Tenacious Lawyer

By September 21, 2020No Comments

The summer scam surge is on! People, like Attorney Max Elliott, are receiving calls from people impersonating IRS agents in hopes of luring unknowing targets to send them money for back taxes, when back taxes aren’t even due! The IRS has guidance, here.

But this is what happens when an attorney receives these calls:

Getting Acquainted with Scammer 1
Attorney: I know a little about the IRS locations because I prepare decedent tax returns. Generally, IRS locations I deal with for back taxes with decedents are in Fresno or Cincinnati. Why are you phoning me from Crows Landing, California?
Scammer 1: Ma’am the IRS is located in Washington D.C.
Attorney: Well, actually, you guys are everywhere. But we’ll let that go. Can you give me your agent number and name, please?
Scammer 1: Ma’am?
Attorney: Your agent number and name?
Attorney: Hello? Hello? Hellloooo…

Fun with Scammer 2
Attorney: You phoned about me being sued by the IRS. Are you the IRS?
Scammer 2: Yes, ma’am. [They’re very polite in the beginning.] My name is Kevin Campbell and my agent number is 21722. [Scammer 1 must have contacted Scammer 2 and put Attorney Max on the “smart target” list.] Attorney: Ok, great. Thanks Kevin. So, tell me about why you’re phoning me.
Scammer 2: Well, ma’am, I need a little more information from you.
Attorney: But why? You phoned me, so you have my phone number and you’re from the IRS, so presumably you have all the information on that screen in front of you.
Scammer 2: But Ma’am, I need you to verify your information.
Attorney: Oh. I see. What do you need?
Scammer 2: Can you give me your social security number?
Attorney: No. But maybe you can give it to me and I will say yes or no.
Scammer 2: But Ma’am, that’s not the way it works. I need you to give it to me.
Attorney: But that is the way it works with the other IRS agents I’ve worked with. Are you real?
Scammer 2: Yes, Ma’am. I gave you my name and agent number; now you have to do something for me.
Attorney: I know. If you’re the IRS you want me to pay you but I don’t owe you anything. It should say so in my file.
Scammer 2: That’s it Ma’am. I need you to give me your information so I can verify this is the correct file.
Attorney: And by the way; why did YOU phone me? Usually, the IRS doesn’t phone you, they send you notices.
Scammer 2: Well, that’s just it Ma’am; we sent 2 people to your door with notices and …
Attorney: You did?! That’s interesting are you sure they got the right address? What were they wearing?
Scammer 2: Well, that’s what I am trying to find out.
Attorney: What they were wearing?
Scammer 2: No ma’am your information.
Attorney 2: Oh, yeah, right. Well, my bus ride is almost over and I am about to go to the office. I told you that I was an attorney, right? Did you know that impersonating a government agent is a felony punishable by fines and imprisonment?
Scammer2: Look! I don’t know who you are! Shut up! Just Shut up!
Attorney: But you sent your people to my home and you phoned my private number. Are you sure you have the right person because it really is a felony, you know?
Scammer 2: I said shut up! [Not so polite anymore] Attorney: Ok; I will.
Click – that was by Attorney Elliott.

To learn more about how to report these vultures, visit our Facebook page or phone the IRS.

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