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Not only is it PRIDE month, but it’s also our anniversary! As we reflect on our 12 years of service, we look fondly on plans we’ve created for families who the law once ignored and persons who are currently under attack by laws in certain states. Yes, marriage equality is the law of the land, but if you’re a transgender person, you and your marriage has a target on its back.

Additionally, diverse families are also under attack. The Law Offices of Max Elliott wholeheartedly agrees with the travel advisory

Diverse families include LGBTQ+ families; blended families with step-children, adopted children, or godchildren treated like children; non-married couples with adult children; and more. Your families (like ours) require carefully crafted solutions to ensure that your legacy is fulfilled, and this planning for beautifully diverse families and persons is what we’ve been doing ever since our doors opened on the day that Illinois passed the Civil Union Act. #LGBTQ+rights #estateplanning #protectingtodaysfamilies

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