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What Do We Do Now?

By October 15, 2021December 12th, 2021No Comments

As I consider the emergence from the pandemic taking place in fortunate countries across the
world, I am reminded of little hatchlings breaking through their shells, coming out gooey then
fluffy, wide-eyed, and excited.

However, unlike baby chicks, we’re not new to what it feels like to hug family, share spoonfuls
of delectable dishes while dining in restaurants with friends, and lifting our faces to the sun

Still, we’re all wobbling about trying to understand the protocols – even me.

Recently, at a small event honoring the late Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg where all attendees
were required to show proof of vaccination, I was asked to join a table where everyone was
unmasked. A judge I know but hadn’t seen in 2 years was also sitting there. We smiled and
shared how glad we were to see each other again and I thoughtlessly reached out and took their
hand. So happy (and eager) I was to touch someone other than family! Fortunately, they didn’t
seem to mind. Then, another person introduced themselves to me and I immediately held out my
hand and shook theirs and apologized after the fact. They responded, “No worries! We’re all
trying to get our footing.” Yes we are.

Hence, I was reminded that we all must be mindful of the reasonable fear that dwells within most
of us from more than 18 months of being cut off from the most human of actions – touching
another human being.

And to that end, our office has finally decided on how we will handle meetings going forward:

  1.  Signing conferences for an individual client, if they are amenable, will be held in-person,
    with everyone masked unless everyone avers that they are vaccinated. (Our entire staff is
    fully vaccinated.)
  2. Signing conferences with couples or individuals who don’t want to come in-person, will
    be held via Zoom, with the option of a mobile or in-person notary who will visit their
    home, fully masked if required.
  3. Client meetings are in-person or via Zoom, whatever is most convenient for the time

We continue to wash our hands and cover our faces when coughing or sneezing; these are just
good habits.

And we continue to strive to serve those we can; it’s just what we do.

Be well…please.

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