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DEI and Estate Planning: The Economic, Non-Business Case, Imperative

By November 1, 2021June 3rd, 2023No Comments

Diverse Professionals

National Estate Planning Awareness Week has come and gone. But it was busy!

I presented LGBTQ+ estate planning tips and a helpful loophole to members of the Dramatists Guild.

Next, esteemed panelists and I shared thoughts about diversity and inclusion and the wealth gap in the context of the estate planning profession.

Then, there was the usual stuff, non-stop.

Estate planning loophole, you ask?

Yes, there is for unmarried couples of certain ages with retirement assets. Contact us to learn more.

Diversity & Inclusion and the wealth gap in estate planning, you ask?

Yes, for me and our firm, diversity’s moral imperative is a given. Yet, there’s an economic imperative beyond the business case: To be successful in the U.S., one must be financially successful, which means be gainfully employed so that you can enjoy a comfortable living.

Appropriate DEI initiatives in the estate planning profession, a profession traditionally dominated by old, white guys, address not just the mythical pipeline issue but compensation and retention issues, which ultimately address the wealth gap. Thus, it’s an economic imperative for estate planning firms to be authentically diverse and equitable and inclusive.

(Read: Diversity is not just on our website or in support but front and center in our firm’s planning professionals and we’ve been this way since day one.)

Mythical pipeline issue, you ask?

Yes, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

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